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October 21, 2011

Mobile support (work in progress)

Just wanted to share a few screen shots with you to give a taste of what future versions of CourseForum and ProjectForum might display like on mobile devices like the iPhone:

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Looks very cool, but a few questions come to mind:

Will there be special custom themes for mobile devices?
Will our current non-mobile custom themes adapt automatically?
Will the iPad be considered a mobile device?
Will a user be able to choose between using the mobile interface and the traditional one?

Mark Roseman

Essentially, when PF detects a mobile device it will swap in a special "mobile" theme to replace whatever theme is normally used for that page. In other words, there is a single mobile theme that will be used site-wide. To start that will be hard-coded, and later on you'll be able to do derived mobile themes, and there would be a site-wide preference to choose which one you'd use. So there's no need to adapt existing themes.

The iPad will be dealt with, though not sure yet whether it will end up being considered mobile or not.

Users can toggle between the mobile and traditional interfaces at any time (you can even see the 'use full version' link at the bottom of that middle screenshot). Note that every page won't necessarily be mobile-friendly (thinking some of the admin pages) in which case it'll be presented as it is now.

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