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August 2012

August 08, 2012

Version 7.2.2.

Just a quick note that Version 7.2.2 (an incremental update, primarily changes to the WYSIWYG editor library) has been released, and is now available for download and is running on our hosting sites.

ProjectForum and Mountain Lion

For Mac users who have upgraded to Mountain Lion, you've probably come across "Gatekeeper" if you've tried to download ProjectForum or most other software. You'll notice it by seeing this message:

"ProjectForum" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

The workaround whenever you see this is rather than double-clicking on it to launch it, do a control-click on the application's icon and choose Open from the menu. You then get an option about whether you want to run it or not.

You can also muck around in the "Security & Privacy" pane in System Preferences.

We're making the changes to prevent this annoying warning from coming up, but in the meantime also thought it would be a good time to revisit the minimum system requirements for CourseForum and ProjectForum.

Currently they'll run on systems as far back as the last patch to Tiger (10.4.11), released in November 2007. Given that Apple's official policy is to support the recent and previous OS version only (i.e. Lion and Mountain Lion) I think bumping our requirement forward a bit won't be too controversial.

While I don't think we want to be quite as agressive as Apple in this regard, if you are running a version of CourseForum or ProjectForum on a system running an OS older than Lion, please let us know ASAP what you're running on. Either send us email or post a comment here.