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September 05, 2012

Upgrade to a ProjectForum Enterprise License

We've made some changes to our Enterprise license to make it even more accessible — and affordable!

Though generally used by larger ProjectForum sites, Enterprise licenses are now available for as few as 50 registered users (formerly the smallest was 150).

Why Enterprise?

Our Standard license, which you're probably familiar with, provides a fixed number of groups (wikis), with no limit on the number of users in each one.

Our Enterprise license flips this on its head, providing a fixed number of registered users, but an unlimited number of groups. So it's very well suited when you're using ProjectForum for many different things, and makes organizing large amounts of work easier.

Besides that, Enterprise gives you more control of who can do what where. You can specify who is allowed into each and every group and project. And even give different users different permissions for each forum (e.g. allow some users to read only).

Check out our Enterprise licensing page to explore all the differences between the Standard and Enterprise licenses.

Now starting at 50 users

Previously, the smallest Enterprise license that was available provided for 150 registered users (for $1000/yr).

We are now happy to be offering a 50 user Enterprise license at half the cost — only $500/yr.

How to upgrade

Check out our Enterprise licensing page to see if Enterprise is the right choice for you, and also to walk you through the technical steps needed to move from Standard to Enterprise.

Send us an email with the number of registered users you'd like for your new Enterprise license, and we'll get you a price quote.

Right now, we'll also give you 20% off if you're moving from a current Standard license to a new Enterprise license.

Finally, while all the above is for the downloaded versions of ProjectForum, if you're interested in a hosted version of Enterprise, let us know.


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