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December 15, 2014

Update and Support Policy

Effective immediately, the annual fees for software updates and support are being discontinued.

ProjectForum development has slowed significantly in recent years, and I don't expect that to drastically change over at least the next year.

This does not mean that ProjectForum will suddenly stop working, the software is being abandoned, that there will not be any more updates, or that you will not be able to get help. Some specifics:

Will future versions be available free to anyone? No, you'll still need to have purchased a license. Effective the next release, any "relatively current" (likely 2013 or later expiry date) license will work. If you have an older license, contact us for a (reduced price) upgrade.

Can new licenses still be purchased? Yes, same as always.

Can existing licenses be upgraded to a larger number of groups? Yes.

What about support? Existing support via email doesn't significantly change. There may be the odd time where there are some delays in responding to emails, e.g. around holidays.

Does this affect hosting? No, hosting doesn't rely on a license purchase.

Will future upgrades always be free? Not necessarily. If and when significant new sustained development is restarted, this policy may be revisited.

Will there be new features added in the future? I certainly expect so. There are a couple of things in the works now.


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